Virginia 4th District

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Ed Gillespie For Governor

Time to put Virginia First

Jill Vogel For Lt. Governor

Jill Vogel gets things done

John Adams for Attorney General

Just getting started

Campaign Signs Are Here

Click on your county to order your yard signs while you can.

Emily Brewer - 64th District Candidate 

Emily Brewer won the GOP Primary and is our candidate for the 64th.

Republican Statewide Candidates are now:

Republican Candidate for Governor

Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor

Republican Candidate for Attorney General

2017 Election

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In Virginia we have elections every year. Starting in January the campaigns get into full campaign mode. Check out the candidaes and get involved.

Special Events

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From time to time the 4th Congressional District will put on special events like fundraisers or educational training classes that will be listed here. Also, any special Republican events in our district will be listed.

Register To Vote

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The first step to make a difference is to be registered to vote. Click the link above to see how easy it is to accomplish this as well to find some answers to questions you might have.